Getting to know you and your business

We really want to get to know you and your business.  It's very important that we get a feel for the company culture and the best way for us to ensure that we "get you" is ideally for us to come and meet you in person.  We like to become a "partner to your business" and to create this partnership it is key that we build a full and clear picture to ensure that the candidates we provide fit the profile perfectly.

How we source our candidates

Alongside an extensive "real time" candidate database and list of national job boards, we use a strong network of industry contacts, social media and other networking methods, to ensure that the candidates we source for you are serious job seekers and fully match your criteria.  This means that we will be talking to both active and passive candidates about your role.

We are very proud to have been a member of TEAM for 10 years - a network of carefully selected and screened independent specialist recruiters

As a result of our membership of TEAM we are able to meet recruitment requirements outside of our technical expertise, both in the UK and across the globe.  It also helps us to help our clients recruit candidates with very specialised skillsets. 

Read here about the significant benefit to our clients.

This has also meant that we have been able to become the sole recruiter/partner of choice for some of our clients and provide them with a "one point of contact" recruitment solution.

"Michelle has been our sole recruiter for almost 5 years.  She fulfills all of our recruitment needs, including some niche hires outside of her specialism.  With one point of contact, one set of terms and a smooth and stress free recruitment process it is just like having our own internal recruiter."