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About Daisy’s Dream

Established in 1996, Berkshire based charity Daisy’s Dream is a professional support service which responds to the needs of children and families affected by life threatening illness or bereavement.

Daisy’s Dream offer one-to-one and group support, as well as telephone support services, which are available to anyone who is concerned about a child or young person affected by the bereavement or serious illness of someone they love. All support work is carried out by professionally qualified Family Workers, offering children the best and most consistent level of support.


Why Daisy's Dream?

Daisy’s Dream supported my son and I through some incredibly tough times when my husband took his own life in 2004.  My son was only 6 years old when his Daddy died and I had no idea who to turn to for support. My GP referred me to Daisy's Dream who immediately assigned a 1-1 key worker to work directly with my son on a regular basis.  Gill visited us at home and worked with my son to help him to express his emotions and develop some coping strategies. 

Suicide is a particularly challenging death to deal with. There is a significant degree of shock and trauma as always with a sudden and unexpected death, however these feelings are often accompanied by a feeling of abandonment/rejection. I had no idea how best to support my son, or even begin to answer his questions about why his Daddy had gone to heaven.  I was barely functioning myself, trying to support my son amidst the confusion and intense shock and grief that followed..... I needed Daisy's Dream to help me to help my son.  He developed extreme anxiety and separation issues and regressed at school, so Daisy’s Dream also visited his school to teach them how best to support him.   We were also given the opportunity to attend regular meetings and events where we met other bereaved families.  This was invaluable to us both and probably the thing that helped us both most of all.

As my son grew up, I kept in touch with Gill, our key worker.  She was always ready to listen and offer advice if she could.  I will always be incredibly grateful for her (and the wider Daisy's Dream team) support and time over the years.

So, when I set up Step Ahead Recruitment in 2011, I wanted to give something back and help them to support more families like ours.  We make regular cash donations, fund raffle prizes on event days etc.  I even convinced my partner to jump out of a plane a few years ago and we raised in excess of £2,000. 

Michelle Brown - Director 

Last year we supported Daisy's Dream via the London Marathon and raised over £5,000+

James Snook is our client and friend, we call him "Snooky"...  When we were offered a place on the London Marathon, James jumped at the chance to take part and help us to support Daisy's Dream.   James has a great track record of raising money for charity and as a father of two young daughters is passionate about helping DD to help more children like Jack. 

Click HERE to visit our fundraising page - Daisy's Dream and all of us here at Step Ahead will be very grateful for any donation. 

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