Top 5 digital marketing trends of 2021

The digital marketing landscape has been transformed in the past year. With the pandemic driving vast numbers of people and businesses online, companies have had to innovate fast to make their products and services stand out. 

What worked in 2019 isn’t going to work in 2021. Are you up to speed with the trends – or are you in danger of falling behind the pack? These are the five digital marketing trends most successful companies will be following in 2021.

1.   Video Marketing

Users love video. So do Google rankings. How much? Well, including videos on your site makes you 50 times more likely to attract organic traffic. 

Video marketing is the most popular digital marketing trend in 2021 by far. After Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine in the world. Take advantage by posting quality mini-clips on social media and engaging with your audience through live sessions.

2.   SEO

Search engine optimisation has been on the list of top digital marketing trends for years. For 2021,it’s worth noting that small and local businesses can use local SEO and Google My Business listings to get the edge, and the latest evolution of A/B testing helps you pinpoint the best version of your campaign or content more accurately.

3.   Personalisation

Have you noticed that Netflix shows you personalised proposals based on your activity and preferences? Be like Netflix. Personalise your audience communication and the UX you offer based on each customer’s interests, preferences, and behaviour. 

4.   Automation

67% of marketers are already using automation tools, and in 2021 automation is set to evolve even more, helping to convert leads into customers, personalise content in new ways, and make data easier to analyse.

5.   Visual and Voice Search

Users can now search by uploading an image or by speaking to Alexa, Siri, or Google. And where there’s searching, there’s SEO. Optimising your website for visual and voice searches will become even more important in the next decade. 

For visual search, make sure you upload quality product photos with descriptive alt-texts containing SEO keywords. And for voice, consider providing a rich voice UX like Nestlé (voice instructions while you cook) or Patrón Tequila (personalised cocktail recipes). 

Experts say the first companies to redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will boost their e-commerce revenue by 30%.

Posted by: Step Ahead Recruitment